Value Investing In A Digital WORLD

At Bluedot Ventures we build, manage and invest in online businesses. 


We are experts at building market-leading websites, tools and services that generate value to visitors and high income returns.


Utilising the latest internet marketing tactics we deliver outstanding results in driving monetisable traffic to our digital assets.


Through online brokerages we specialise in acquiring under-valued assets to turnaround and rejuvenate.

Our Portfolio

We operate a number of web properties in the travel, sports & leisure, real estate and digital marketing industries. Our focus is on content sites for affiliate marketing and lead generation, online advertising, eCommerce (especially models that utilise drop-shipping and Amazon FBA), and productised services.

If you have an online business and are looking for investment or to sell, we would love to hear from you.


The founding inspiration for Bluedot Ventures is taken from an excerpt in Carl Sagan's book Pale Blue Dot. Sagan was inspired by an image (see below) taken, at his suggestion, by Voyager 1 on February 14, 1990.

As the spacecraft left our planetary neighbourhood for the fringes of the solar system, engineers turned it around for one last look at its home planet. Voyager 1 was about 6.4 billion kilometres (4 billion miles) away, and approximately 32 degrees above the ecliptic plane, when it captured this portrait of our world.

pale blue dot

Caught in the centre of scattered light rays (a result of taking the picture so close to the Sun), Earth appears as a tiny point of light, a crescent only 0.12 pixel in size.

Sagan was so inspired by the image he wrote and recorded the following:


Our company is headquartered in Guernsey, in the English Channel, but operates with a dispersed team of writers, developers, designers and internet marketers.

If you have a digital business and are looking for investment or are interested in selling please contact us.

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